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Analytics are a powerful network intelligence tool which helps perform an in-depth analysis of your TelQ test results and provides valuable insights into route deliverability, route features and route owners.

All users have access to this menu’s freemium functionalities, which are limited to 30 days of traffic and 2 slicing values. You can arrange your data by: Country, Network, Sender Type, Supplier Title, Supplier Route Type, SMSC Provider and SMSC Phone (see screenshot).

Screenshot 2024-01-10 at 17.18.13.png

Time Period

Click on the calendar drop down to select the period you’d like to see the data for. This gives you the benefit of analyzing the historical performance of a route and checking if its deliverability dropped over time. This use case can be checked by slicing Country > Route Type > Supplier title and paying close attention to delivery percentages.

Screenshot 2024-01-10 at 17.22.32.png

Slicing options

You can use a variety of options to choose from to narrow down the data you’d like to check. Some of our recommendations include the following:

  1. To check which suppliers sold you a route which is indeed direct you would need to slice in the following order: Country > Network > Supplier > SMSC Owner.

  2. To find out if you are buying the same route from multiple vendors you would need to slice by Country > Network > SMSC Owner > Supplier.

This way you can check which suppliers sold you a “direct route” that is not in fact direct and you can bypass them to ensure better deliverability. In case you discover you are buying 1 same route from multiple vendors, you can choose to keep the one with the highest deliverability and lowest cost.

The aggregators who own SMSCs are marked in orange.

  1. Blended route checks can be spotted by filtering Network > Supplier title > SMSC owner. In case of there being multiple SMSCs especially where the SMSC country doesn’t correspond with the number origin country, there is a high chance the route is blended and needs closer inspection.

  2. SID information can be checked by filtering Country/Network / Sender type > Supplier and have a quick overview which Supplier supports which SID, while slicing by Country/Network > Supplier title > Sender type can also give you info if your supplier supports dynamic SID.

This slicing option can be used to check for SID replacement to long codes as this can help detect SIM routes.

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