If our test number goes unavailable during your test request, we try to find an alternative test number belonging to the same destination and send a clone of your initial test to this new number.
This is what we refer to as “backup test” - it’s automatic and free of charge (as you were already billed for the initial test) and can be switched off in case you do not require this option.

In order to check this option and to enable/disable it, please login in your Admin account and access Account settings / My Account and in the bottom left corner of the page you will see find the button for Backup tests. Don’t forget to click on Apply after modifying it.


If there is no other available test number of the same destination or you switched off the backup test feature, we will return to your account the credit that was previously charged for your initial test.


Below, you can see how a back-up test is displayed within the test results. To view both the original and back-up test, click on the '+' action button as indicated on the screenshot:

Both tests will then be displayed: