Overview of the product and its specifications

TelQ testing platform is a platform for:

  • testing the delivery of SMS

  • verifying the features of the delivery (replacement of Sender ID, Text, fake DLRs, SMSC information, delivery delay etc)

The test sms can be issued:

  • from the TelQ platform (SMPP integration)

  • directly from your platform (API integration or no integration), routed from your platform to the vendor you want to test


For each test request, we allocate a unique Test ID Text and test number combination.
If our test number receives an SMS with that Test ID Text in its message body (within the TTL time of validity), we update the Receipt status, along with all the details that we retrieve from the test number.

Please keep in mind that for SMPP integration, the Test ID Text is inserted automatically in the message body.
For REST API and no integration, you will have to manually add the Test ID Text in the message body along with your own text.