Top left corner:

In this example, “Demo Account” represents the company name. Balance is expressed in the amount of money in Euros. For more information, please see the Balance topic.

To the right from Balance, you can find the option to Top up your account (if you are using our platform on Prepaid terms). If you click on this button, you will be redirected to a new menu - Prices - where you will be able to select your desired prepaid package:

Kindly note that the number of credits is included in the name of each package, and below it are the rate and credit validity, and the Top-up amount (e.g. Advanced 1000; 1000 testing credits, 0.35€ rate, 350€ total amount). Once you make your selection, an invoice will be automatically generated for you and will be in “waiting“ status until payment is completed, after which it will be marked as “completed” in the Invoices menu.

If you wish to proceed and top up via PayPal, please click on the green payment button. As soon as the payment is complete, the amount will be immediately added to your balance.

In case you would like to complete your payment via bank transfer, please contact your Account Manager to let us know which package you wish to purchase and we will provide you with the invoice.