For each test batch, you can optionally define:

  • UDH and TLV values

  • Protocol ID

  • Source TON, NPI

  • Data Coding

  • TTL value (waiting time value)

  • Validity Period

  • Scheduled Delivery Time

  • Replace if Present Flag

Edit the TTL value whenever you want the Final Receipt status waiting time for the current test batch to be different than the default 60 minutes (or the account’s default TTL value).

You can also set the Validity Period after which the SMS will be deleted from the SMS center and will not be forwarded to our number. Kindly note that this value is expressed in seconds. In case of usage of both validity period and TTL, validity period is suppressed and TTL is used instead.

Additionally, you can set the time when you want the message to be scheduled by the SMSC for delivery. The format should be: “YYMMDDhhmmsstnnp” (default SMPP datetime format).

  1. YY - year (max value 37)

  2. MM - month

  3. DD - day

  4. hh - hour

  5. mm - minutes

  6. ss - seconds

  7. t - tenths of seconds

  8. nn - Time difference in quarter hours between local time and UTC time (00-48).

  9. p:

    • “+” Local time is in quarter hours advanced in relation to UTC time.

    • “-” Local time is in quarter hours retarded in relation to UTC time.

    • “R” Local time is relative to the current SMSC time.

  10. Example:

    • 230101235959904+ : Jan 01, 2023 22:59:59.9 (4x0.25h detracted from specified timestamp)

The final parameter, Replace If Present Flag, if enabled will indicate if submitted message should replace an existing message.

You can find these parameters in Settings at the bottom of the Params section.

In addition to this, you will have the option to leave a comment before your test is issued by using the Comment section as shown in the screenshot below. It will be visible to all team members who see the test entry. Please note that the comment will not be editable once submitted.