SMPP Connections

You can also find the detailed information about setting up SMPP connections on our platform under the Help section of the SMPP Connections page.

In order to create an SMPP bind between our platform and your platform the following steps need to be followed. Also, you may watch our video tutorial on how to set up SMPP connections:

Step 1: Whitelist our IP (

Step 2: Create a new SMPP client account on your platform and set up routing for it (as if we would be buying SMS routes from you). As mentioned, it’s important not to connect directly to your suppliers - that option would increase the chances of your suppliers spotting the quality checks you are doing and whitelisting the test numbers. We advise you to connect from our platform to your own platform and then route the tests from there to your suppliers (TelQ platform -> your SMS platform -> Supplier).


Go to Connections – SMPP Connections and click on Create as highlighted in the screenshot below:

Step 3: In Login and Password enter the credentials of the SMPP account you created in your system (as per Step 2).
In Host and Port please enter the IP/host and port of your server. 

Step 4: Suppliers – click on Add to link the supplier(s) for this SMPP bind that you are creating.

Step 5: Additional parameters: Throughput, System Type, Concatenation type, Destination TON and NPI.

Step 6: Click Apply

Step 7:  Restart the connections



Restart all the connections by following the steps below (please note that the test_aws_ws - TelQ connection can’t be modified/restarted as it is not owned by your account):


  1. Click on the ‘select all’ checkbox next to ID as marked in the screenshot:

2. Click on 'Disabled' as marked in the screenshot:

3. Wait a few moments, until the dots in the Host column are red:

4. Click again on the 'select all' checkbox as mentioned in Step 1 and click on 'Enabled':