The Test ID Text is a unique code we generate for each individual test request. Our system uses this code in order to match the test results (delivered sms) with the test requests, as our test numbers are not exclusive per customer or request.

The Test ID Text needs to be present in the message body in order for the TelQ system to be able to retrieve accurate test results.

For Live number testing, the Test ID Text is added automatically in the message body. You can determine its position when writing the content or when uploading a template text. If no position is selected, it will be added at the beginning of the text by default.

For Manual Testing and REST API, you need to add the Test ID Text within the message body, alongside your own content.

The Test ID Text is customizable: you can select the format (Alpha, Aphanumeric, Numeric or WhatsApp code), type (uppercase, lowercase or mixed (case) for Alpha and Alphanumeric formats) and the length (between 4 and 20 characters). The WhatsApp option is the only one which will always have the same format and length: “DDD-DDD” (example: 123-123) as it follows the standard format of WhatsApp verification codes.

If no custom selection is set up for the Test ID Text, our system will automatically use the default setting: Alpha format, mixed case and 10 characters length. However, you may use the “Save as default“ button to save the default ID settings for your own account (example: numeric 6 digit test ID text).

You can also duplicate the ID in the text by writing {TEST_ID_TEXT} in your content. This option is useful, for example, when testing OTP messages where the OTP code is repeated in the content.

Find our video tutorial here: