Follow our guidelines to learn how you can import your content in excel.

To properly fill in the Test ID Text details of the ID you would like to import, please refer to the below screenshot and guide:


  1. For WhatsApp code, please make sure to fill in only the Test ID Text Type and leave the next 2 cells empty.

  2. For a Numeric Test ID Text, aside from the ID Type, please make sure to indicate only the Test ID Text Length.

  3. For Alpha and Alphanumeric Test ID Texts, please make sure to populate all the cells and specify in the Test ID Text Case column whether you would like the letters to be lower, upper or mixed case.


Please note you can put the {TEST_ID_TEXT} value anywhere in the text ie. beginning, middle or at the end.

Text Example: Your Apple ID code is: {TEST_ID_TEXT}. Do not share it with anyone.

Once you populate the template, please import it by pressing on “+ Select or drop file (xls, xlsx)” , select the file and then select Import.

As soon as the import is successfully done, a notification will pop up in the top right corner indicating the number of templates that were successfully imported.